I've come to depend on my combined reiki and reflexology treatments not as a luxury but as a necessity.

       Having always suffered from PCOS my only method of control was through the oral contraceptive but I am averse to taking medication and it bothered me the

       number of years I was on it. So I put up with irregularity until I started with Virginia Howells in 2010.

       Since this time I undertake regular treatments that not only manage my condition but often identify other areas of the body that need cleansing and maintenance. 

       Virginia is a dedicated practitioner whose service is second to none.

       Mrs F Turner

       I have been having reflexology treatment for some months now as it helps so much in my everyday life. 

       I have suffered with IBS and depression for many years now and have found a big improvement since having this form of treatment.

       I find it very relaxing as it has also helped with my messed up sleeping pattern. I would recommend that people who have never tried reflexology to give it a go.

       I visit Virginia for the treatment and she always makes me feel relaxed and is never in a rush to get you out the door as some therapists do.  

       I look forward to my treatments which helps me in my everyday life and also it's like a pamper session which we all enjoy.

       Mrs J Anderson

     I have suffered from osteoarthritis for over 10 years and during that time, have had a number of operations. After each one, I felt 

     more and more tired and my muscles felt very, very sore and tight.I began visiting Virginia a few years ago for massage and as 

     my condition has worsened, I have increased my visits to her. Although my condition cannot be cured, the treatments I receive 

     from Virginia help me so much. After each treatment, I am able to move more freely and my back feels less tight. 

     This impacts positively on my posture which then helps my other affected joints. I cannot recommend Virginia enough. 

     She is professional yet caring and I am never treated as just 'another client'. Virginia treats each client and their needs individually 

     and this is reflected in her excellent treatment.


      After being diagnosed with pcos 15 years ago I came to Virginia after a recommendation-after just two treatments my menstrual                     cycle began after years of complete absence-6 months on I have a regular 'normal' cycle which is quite incredible! Virginia has also                helped with all the associated pms symptoms. I also have ongoing health issues with my immune system, previously always being ill           and completely exhausted-since receiving reflexology my overall energy levels and mental clarity have vastly improved & I deal                     with my stresses much easier- I am Ill less, recover quicker and have normal sleep patterns.

      I began with once a week treatments and now have 1 every 3 weeks to maintain my wellbeing-it's made a        big difference-really amazing! Highly recommended!   


Firstly, please let me state that I have always been sceptical of complementary therapies; however I was recommended by a close family member to see Virginia during a severe bout of sciatica during the winter of 2011.

The sciatic pain was so bad I was experiencing brief but little relief with the strongest prescription drugs from my GP, I was desperate to banish the pain and sought a consultation with Virginia.

The consultation was thorough and professional and a course of treatments were planned. Initially I had reflexology session on a weekly basis for several weeks, switching to fortnightly and eventually once each month. During those first few sessions I was delighted to find that the sciatic pain was noticeably reduced and then eradicated within a month - Thank You!

Although I was so happy to have relief from my sciatica, it was the effect on a long and chronic medical condition that has impressed me the most and has convinced me of the positive effects of Reflexology.

I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in January 2009, an unpleasant and incurable Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). My symptoms were severe and I was attending outpatients bi-monthly and also had an assigned IBD specialist nurse on whom I could call.

The medication started with high doses of anti inflammatory drugs escalating to large doses of steroids. After a year on these drugs without much success or relief I was put on immune suppressants. These had to be changed to a different type of suppressant in early 2011. While my condition was more stable, I still suffered regular flare-ups and following further investigations I was referred to a consultant to have a colostomy - I was devastated.

I am now pleased to report that my condition is stable, no awful symptoms ever and I have NOT had a colostomy. During my outpatients appointments I was asked and was eager to explain that the ’cause’ of my improvement is the reflexology.

I and my IBD nurse are aware that my medication has not really changed in the preceding year and the only difference in my life is my reflexology sessions with Virginia.

Of course I do not imagine that this dreadful disease has been ‘cured’, but I can say with hand on heart that my life and health have been dramatically improved following my reflexology sessions and for that Virginia, I am truly grateful and have no hesitation in recommending you and your skills to family, friends and colleagues.

Andrew Perkins

I would like to thank Virginia for helping with the pain that I have with a spinal injury that I have had for 8 years x the reiki treatment that Virginia practices is fantastic and I would highly recommend to anyone x so if you suffer from any sort of pain get in touch with Virginia x thank you Virginia you are the best x